At Qualitas, we focus on providing the highest quality inspection services to the oilfield industry. Our certified inspectors are trained to follow strict protocol to ensure the integrity of your equipment and we utilize a unique Digital Inspection Reporting System to ensure transparency in operations. We are equipped to perform inspections in-house or on-site.


 Electromagnetic Testing

Used to detect surface and near-surface flaws in conductive materials, such as the metals. Eddy current inspection is also used to sort materials based on electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability, and measures the thickness of thin sheets of metal and nonconductive coatings such as paint.

 Liquid Penetrant Testing

Used to locate cracks, porosity, and other defects that break the surface of a material and have enough volume to trap and hold the penetrant material. Liquid penetrant testing is used to inspect large areas very efficiently and will work on most nonporous materials.

 Ultrasonic Testing

Used to locate surface and subsurface defects in many materials including metals, plastics, and wood. Ultrasonic inspection is also used to measure the thickness of materials and otherwise characterize properties of material based on sound velocity and attenuation measurements.

 Magnetic Particle Testing

Used to inspect ferromagnetic materials (those that can be magnetized) for defects that result in a transition in the magnetic permeability of a material. Magnetic particle inspection can detect surface and near surface defects.


  • BHA Inspections

  • EMI Drill Pipe Inspections (Category 3, 4, 5)

  • Structural Inspections

  • Drilling Rig Inspections

  • Weld Inspections

  • Repair and Reface Services

  • Boroscopic Video Services

  • Digital Inspection Service Reports 

  • Third Party Inspections